ReMoved Part 2 – Just as Powerful

August 19, 2015

Last November I came across a video called ReMoved. The creator of the ReMoved videos said that they were, “being created with the intent to bring light to the often unknown subjects of Foster Care and Child Abuse/Neglect.”

My wife and I had been foster parents since May 2014, so it was a very powerful short for us to watch. We could see the pain and suffering that broken families bring to everyone involved. I was really excited for part two to be put out and have been looking off and on since last November.

Well, last week I found part two.

I encourage you to watch part one before you watch part two, as it will make more sense.

If you are interested in learning more, you can check out the ReMoved web site. 

What type of thoughts run through your head when you watch this video? What is your response?


ReMoved – Powerful!

November 20, 2014

Anna and I have been foster parents since this past May. Foster care has become something near and dear to our hearts. The need is so massive and the ones who suffer the most are the ones who have done nothing, the children. We see the church being a major player in caring for the children that are caught up in the struggles of their parents. We see the church coming alongside parents and helping them be just that, parents. In the midst of the tragedy, there is hope.

I stumbled upon this video today and was blown away. It is 12 minutes long, but please do not allow that to keep you from watching it.


You can learn more about this video and part two, coming out sometime down the road, here.