Cows on Meadow

Living on Mission in the Sticks

I live in New England, which doesn’t really have a ton of urban centers. And of all the states in New England, I live in Maine, with the total population of 1.3 million, as of 2012. I guess this is part of the…

We are Not Missional

As the culture quickly moves from being formed by a Christian story to a story that is void of any Christian storyline at all, we as church leaders need to quickly move our people to live on mission. However, the…


7 Ways We Can Witness to People

The other day I noticed a note card on my side table, next to my bed. I guess I had been using it as a bookmark or something. It was from a service I had attended on September 27, 2009….

Jeff Vanderstelt on ‘Missional’

Here is a video of Jeff Vanderstelt from the Verge conference entitled Why I’m Tired Of “Missional”. His encouragement is to stay where God has put you and called you!

This is Discipling

Here is a great video. In this is much of my heart for my church plant. [If you are reading in RSS or EMail click here for video] [HT: Timmy Brister]