Tempted and Tried is Dr. Moore’s latest publication of gold. Dr. Moore has a way of writing that is both humorous and engaging, all the while never leaving the theological depth that is needed to unpack the topics he addresses. Adopted for Life was my first interaction with his writing. After finishing that, I knew he would be an author I would continually read.

Tempted and Tried walks through the temptation of Jesus Christ and how in these temptations Jesus not only defeated sin and Satan, but also gave us a pattern and example for how we are to address the temptation in our lives. One of the greatest things about this book is it highlighted how Satan works to lead us in his lies. It is helpful because temptation is something we all struggle with, yet very few of us think about or talk about it. We are quick to talk about sin and the struggle we have with sin, yet temptation takes a back seat. In reality we need to have more conversations about temptation and more thinking through our temptations and a book like this will help to bring about that.

I decided to read this because I became really honest with myself. Honest that I am daily tempted; Honest that if I want to overcome sin in my life, than I need to know how to defeat the temptation. Honest that as a pastor, father, husband and Christ follower, sin was something that needed to be fought. This is what made me order the book, and I found it so very helpful in all of those areas that I wanted to give away a couple copies of Tempted and Tried courtesy of Crossway. Here is a short quote from the book that points out what I was talking about above.

“When it comes to God, we convince ourselves that God doesn’t see (ps. 10.11; 94.7) or that he’ll never call us to account (ps. 10.13), but in order to do that we have to quite our God-designed conscience that points continually to the criteria by which we’ll be judged before the Creator’s tribunal (Rom. 2.16).

The demonic powers not only will give us what we crave, but they will assist us in covering it over, for a little while. That’s precisely the irony. Often you are fueled on from one temptation to the other because you haven’t been caught. This gives the you an illusion of a cocoon protecting you from justice. The powers, though, don’t want you to get caught – not yet, not this early in the march to the slaughterhouse. They don’t have a mere seventy or eighty years to live. They are ancient and patient and quite willing to wait until your downfall will bring with it the most catastrophic consequences – for you, for your family, for the kingdom of God, and to the image of Christ you carry. So they’ll help you cover it all up, and they’ll expose you – mercilessly. You’ll never see it coming around the bend.” (pg 57)

So, join in this week as I give away 2 copies of Tempted and Tried. To read a full review, check out this review by Steve McCoy at The Gospel Coalition.

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Watch Live

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If you are rained in today on the East coast, or simply are not attending church this weekend. You can watch me preach live here! The message will be right around 9:30am EST.

Watch live streaming video from eabclive at livestream.com



NOTE: this blog will simply be posted at 8:45am EST and then removed Sunday afternoon. If you are reading this via email, or rss then the content has been removed. Also I have never posted this type of blog before, and seeing how right now I am actually preaching the video may not show up! I am sorry if it does not!

Fall in New England

August 26, 2011 — 1 Comment

The falls in New England are the best time of the year, in my opinion.  Cool crisp nights, beautiful fall foliage and now it seems to be Conference Central. It does not seem like there are every many good, Jesus focused conferences in New England, but this fall is very different. Now I have mentioned the conference that I am part of, Lead 2011, before but there are a few others that are worth noting for those who live in New England or are willing to travel.


Scroll to the bottom for a couple more that I have come across! 


Lakeside Marriage Conference: Sept. 9 & 10

When: September 9th & 10th

Where: Lakeside Community Church
1248 Sokokis Trail, North Waterboro, Maine, United States

How Much: $20 per couple

Register Here

The speakers are Stu & Ruth Ann Batstone from World Harvest Mission. The cost will be $20 per couple (space is limited to 100 couples). This is an opportunity for couples to examine their marriages in light of the Gospel. This is also a unique workshop format in that the Batstones will give brief presentations on each/most of these topics, then give us time to talk privately with our spouses about the material covered. No uncomfortable group therapy discussions—just good one-on-one time with your spouse. The hosts are also recommending that people clear their schedules to allow for a lunch date on Saturday, immediately following the workshop, to continue their conversations.


Plant New England Conference: Oct. 10 & 11

 When: Monday, October 10, 1:15pm to Tuesday, October 11, noon. Check-in begins at 12:30 Monday.

Where: Redeemer Fellowship Church, 111 Mount Auburn St., Watertown, Mass.

How Much: $75; includes registration & book giveaway

Register Here

Plant New England is designed to equip churches and church planters to plant gospel-driven churches in New England. We want to see God transform New England’s spiritual landscape through the power of the gospel (Romans 1:16). The conference is cosponsored by The Gospel Coalition9Marks MinistriesSovereign Grace Ministries, and NETS.


White Horse Inn Reformation Conference: Oct. 28th &29th

When: October 28th & 29th

Where: Bradford, Mass

How Much: $25 (17 and under free)

Register Here

Too many Christians misunderstand the good news of Jesus’ death and resurrection. They believe that Jesus is the best model for a successful life and that if we live like him God will love and accept us. It’s no wonder that people stop going to church! After a few well-intentioned attempts to earn God’s favor, most of us give up trying to please God. But the Gospel is good news because we’re no longer the center of the action; God’s work on our behalf is the center of the action and the cause of worship and celebration, as we treasure Him supremely in all of life.


Lead Conference 2011: Nov. 11th & 12th

When: November 11th & 12th

Where: East Auburn Baptist Church, 560 Park Ave. Auburn Maine, 04210

How Much: $70 before Oct | $90 after. (check website for group rates)

Register Here

Lead conference featuring Matt Chandler, Ray Ortlund, Jared Wilson, Stephen Um and more. Will be in Auburn Maine this November 2011. The theme for this year is “The Enduring Gospel.” The goal is to examine how the gospel can bring about change throughout New England. In New England there seems to be many who believe one of two ways. It’s either “If only we start this program, then there will be change in people’s hearts” or “Yeah, the Holy Spirit works, but mostly in China or on the West Coast.”

Here are a couple more conferences that are outside
New England, but worth checking out.


Acts 29 Northeast Regional: Sept. 26th

Where: Terra Nova Church @ Revolution Hall, 425 River Street, Troy, NY US 12180

When: Monday September 26th 11-5

How Much: $15

Register Here

Our next Acts 29 Network Northeast regional event will feature Elliot Grudem, author of Christian Beliefs: Twenty Basics Every Christian Should Know and Director of the Acts 29 Network. Other Acts 29 Pastors will join us for break-out sessions created with the whole pastoral team in mind. This will be a great opportunity for you to spend a day with your elders/staff/leaders, learning in community. While hosted by the New York State Acts 29 churches at Terra Nova’s facilities in Troy, NY, this event is open to anyone in the northeast region and may reach capacity so be sure to register your team right away (each attendee needs to register separately).


Initiative 22 Conference: Oct. 22nd

Where: Rivers Edge Church 5567 Chemin de la Cote St. Antoine Montreal, QC H4A 1R4

When: Saturday October 22nd

How Much: $20 | Students $10

Register Here

Jonathan Dodson, lead pastor of Austin City Life in Austin, Texas, and author of the forthcoming book Gospel-Centered Discipleship, leading us through three sessions on GOSPEL, COMMUNITY & MISSION. The UNIQUENESS of this conference is that there will be over an hour of concentrated time during the day to work out the content with the people who come with you from your church community. Angel Silva, lead pastor of Missio Dei Church in Portland, Maine, will help us walk through how to do this well.
There will also be a panel-discussion at the end of the day with both the aforementioned speakers, as well as Dwight Bernier, lead pastor of Initiative 22 in Montreal, and Michael Jones, lead pastor of The Living Room in Montreal.

Late Additions:

Psalm 119 Conferencewill be September 23-24 | Bethlehem Bible Church | West Boylston, MA 307 Lancaster Street West Boylston, MA 01583. The cost is only $69 for adults and $45 for students. Speakers for the MA conference are Todd Friel, R.W. Glenn, Tim Challies, Trevin Wax and Mike Abendroth

SOLA 2011 – is November 17th – 19th| 1001 Place Jean-Paul-Riopelle, Montréal, QC H2Z 1H5. The cost is a little confusing, but it ranges from $45 – $99 depending on what you want to do. The speakers are John MacArthur, David Platt, Kevin DeYoung, Daniel Mattioli, Matthieu Giguere and Daniel Henderson.

The other day I posted a quote from Tim Chesters book A Meal With Jesus (Paperback | Kindle). I thought I would post another helpful quote. I plan to post a full review of this very hepful book, at some point.

“Involvement with people, especially the marginalized, must begin with a sense of God’s grace. But not just God’s grace to them, but his grace to me. I need to be melted and broken by grace. When I speak with someone who’s an alcoholic or a single mother, or someone who’s depressed or unemployed or unemployable, I must do so as a fellow sinner. We’re all broken people in a broken world. If I do not understand this, then my good intentions will be patronizing. Anything I say will be heard as “become like me.” Only as I’m daily struck by God’s amazing grace to me, Tim Chester (fill in own name______), will my life and words point to Jesus as their savior.” pg 45-46

I’m Sorry

August 25, 2011 — Leave a comment

I find myself saying, “I’m sorry.” a lot it seems. Whether it be as a husband to my wife because I have said something I should not have, or as a father to my kids when my selfishness rears its ugly head. This is not to mention the numerous times I say sorry to people I work with, minister to, or interact with. There is something about asking for forgiveness and admitting we are wrong that our human nature hates. Yet this aversion to coming clean with our sins is nothing more than a lack of belief in the gospel.

As a redeemed believer in Jesus’ death and resurrection for my sins, I can have the confidence to know that I can apologize knowing that my value and worth are not found in my right or wrong performance and actions. No, the gospel says I can apologize because my value and worth are found in the one who never had to apologize.

Jesus never had to say, “I’m sorry.” (NOTE: Jesus may have said, “I’m sorry,” but it was not because of any sin or wrong that He did.) He never had those thoughts after a conversation (like the ones I so often do) wishing He did not say that, or say it in a particular way. He always spoke in just the right way. He never would have thought, “I’m such an idiot! I knew better than that!” No, Jesus never had to worry about this, yet neither do we. Not because we have a new magical power to not do sinful things, or hurt people, but because Jesus never did those things. Since Jesus never had to say, “I’m Sorry”, we can live in the confidence that even if we have to apologize many times a day, to many people, our value, worth and righteousness is found in the one who never spoke those words.