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What if 2013

February 5, 2013

I know we are now over a month into 2013 but there is still time to make 2013 different. I actually wanted to wait to post this until the majority of us had forgotten about new years resolution, and many of us had failed at those we made. I wanted to wait mainly so this would not just become another failed resolution.



What if 2013 was the year…

You started making disciples who make disciples.

Your church cared for the orphans and widows in your town.

You fed and housed the homeless.

Your church raised its giving to missions church planting and brought down its expense.

Your church committed to seeking the Spirit before making a move.

You became a people of prayer.

You and the people of your church were Word saturated.

The people of your church were broken for the lost in your community.

The people in your church started to look like the church and stopped attending the church.

Those within your church looked at each other as family, not acquaintance.

You read the Bible and allowed it to change you.


I think you get the idea. Think for a moment what your life would look like if the gospel shaped all aspect of your life and the life of your Church family.


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